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Did the game got some substantial update in the recent past?

I never went over the training as there were some bugs and didn't like much the feeling of the movement. should give another try

Definitely give it another try :)

The game had major updates to maps and gameplay as well as adding new maps in the past 6 months.

It's a blast to play :-D and it's so satisfying when you win the round/match after an intense firefight/push.

I used to play and enjoy the UT99 military realistic mod called "Infiltration" back in 2000, and Insurgency is pretty close to the feels of that mod; can't complain :)

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Yeah I know the feeling, I spent a good amount of hours on the original mod at the time, I really enjoyed it (was also often playing with a friend so we would give some cover to each other).

I remember as one of the most rewarding shooters. But didn't give the same feeling when I tried the stand alone game.

Also I remember reading somewhere that they're working on a new version, and it's not gonna be Source this time? Or I remember it totally wrong?

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Found a stash of old Insurgency mod screenshots! Lots of mapcorians worked on this :D (I can spot @Steppenwolf , @Erratic , @Pericolos0, @Evert, @Xanthi, @Jonny Phive... and I'm sure I'm missing some!)


This one is dedicated to @st0lve:




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