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[Source SDK Map] dm_ob_battle_lobby_hd_rc1 [HL2DM]


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Map Name: dm_ob_battle_lobby_hd_rc1

Developer: gtamike_TSGK

Source Engine

Game Half Life 2 Deathmatch


:arrow: http://forum.tsgk.com/viewtopic.php?mode=attach&id=8432

Battle Lobby HD is finally out of its Beta stage, thanks for the beta testing and feedback! :)

Brief Description

The map has 8 hallways 4 on the lower level, and 4 on the upper level. On the lower

level there are 2 stair ways to get to the 2nd level also 4 lifts and 4 ladders. The main

area is the middle lobby this is a nice and open area. The weapon layout has been

well thought about and the gameplay is fast. The lighting took along time to get just right.

New features/Gameplay

Added speed ladders, walk/run out of windows and they break; plus 1% glass shard cut

damage to player, teleport areas are smaller for faster teleporting, areas where ladders

are a bit bigger so you can use the ladder more easily, map lighting completely redone,

custom prop textures for explosive barrels and ammo crates, animated models on top of

circle glass windows, HD textures, as well as other materials tricks to make textures look

nice quality and HD env_cubemap reflections added for best quality.

Pictures (Click for High Res)













Enjoy! 8)

Here's another HD hl2dm map I did this year.


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