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Gamescom 2012


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I went two years ago and I was very disappointed. I wanted to avoid the crowds so I made sure we were already there when it opened. We Immediately proceeded towards the Diablo 3 area. By the time we got there, the line was already 2 hours long. I guess I wasn't the only one with that idea. Average waiting lines that day were around 3 hours. There were even long waiting lines to see trailers. I'm talking about 1 or 2 hours here. In the end I didn't play a single game and early in afternoon it got too crowded. The heat outside combined with the huge amount of people inside made you feel you were in a microwave and not to mention the smell. It was bad!

The only way I'm going back there if I can get some sort of VIP access or a press card :P

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Yeah the crowds are pretty rough during gamescom haha. I didn't even bother going last year on a non-press day. Ill probably be in town during GDCE also but not quite sure if we're going to be at GDCE or not.

i didn't see the other two threads regarding pretty much this time frame so sorry about the double postish.

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I generally try to make it to Gamescom if time allows, the queues are as bad as any expo I guess. The queuing times for the big games can be around a 2 hour wait but there are a lot of games to play that aren't so bad. I'll be there this year, as this will be my first opportunity to see something I've had a hand in making at an expo :-D Very excited.

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