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connecting to servers is the next dlc

this is gold !

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I can't wait to see how long it will take them this time to get the game running properly after release. Also, I can't wait to pay 40 euros for Premium and see the community get splintered or being forced to play a stripped down basic version of the game with only a handful of maps. But most of all I can't wait to play a shooter on a peasant console just to avoid Origin.

Bring it!



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3 minutes ago, blackdog said:

Is that for BF5? On the page doesn't say… surprised if it is already 

Why would you be surprised though? EA is just milkin' the cashcow Battlefield right now. Haven't enjoyed any of the latest Battlefields sadly. 

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Surprised because I haven't seen any trailer, would expect an announcement before an initiative like this. And like I said, doesn't even say what game is you're testing on that page (not on mobile at least).

Since there doesn't seem to be much difference between titles coming one year from the other, I wonder if and when the world will be ready for proper incremental updates (like just serve singleplayer campaigns as episodic/DLC and decouple multiplayer).

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I'd be fine with a future setting if it was clever instead of expected. Like, the trailers for the last BF3 expansion made it seem apocalyptic with some semi-handcrafted solutions and that was way cooler than the reality. If BF5 was like "oh all these battlefields and nukes going off fucked up the world guys, we levelutioned too hard" and that significantly impacted the available tacticool bullshit and attack helicopters, that'd be nice.


Edit: Also the only thing that should be salvaged from Hardline is Hotwire mode. Hotwire was good.

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