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Judge Dredd

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actually looks pretty cool, at least the music is a mix between inception, tron and mass effect? :o

For the trailer at least. I always thought that particular la roux remix sounded exactly some of the original mass effect music, every time for the first 10-15 times I heard it I had to do a double take because I don't have any mass effect music on my computer. :lol:

Once I realised it was Karl Urban:


All I remember about Judge Dredd is that the previous film was kinda whimsical. I'm not sure if this is going to be any good but hey, Karl Urban :spot:

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You guys really like this trailer? I had high hopes for the movie. I mean, I like Karl Urban, they said it was going to be more like the comics and also, a lot darker. But this, this has C movie written all over it. Let's hope the trailer gives the wrong impression.

You got the entire Dredd universe at your disposal and what are you going to do? Let's focus one building being attacked :wtf:

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Out on Friday!Despite the uniform issues and the absolutely shite lawmaster design, I'm looking forward to this especially since I realised that the film is an 18 due to being extremely violent... finally Dredd's mature gritty atmosphere is realised!

Check out one of the first reviews...



Be in no doubt, Dredd earns its 18 certificate – it’s brutally violent


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