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Metal Gear Solid 5

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Lol wtf so fake hahahaha xD Why didn't they pick a better actor? Unless they wanted it to sound fake-Swedish :P

Hope they disclose more information at GDC but it wouldn't surprise me if they don't show much then either even though they said they would.

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if its just an actor ---> epic lol

if its a cg character in fox engine ---> mind blown !

either way kojima wins !

and yeah i think mgs 5/ground zeros/phantom pain are all the same game

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And the rabbit hole goes deeper.

In this thread Joakim Mogren posted "Thank you for your interest in the Phantom Pain. The development process has been long and...strange...but we hope it lives up to expectations. Please look forward to GDC". Now if you check his profile, you see a strange user video : http://www.gametrail...hantom-pain-mme

At 40 seconds in, for like a frame, you see this:


Meanwhile in the Ground Zeroes trailer:


This is some deep shit. Futhermore, the video title itself posted by Joakim Mogren starts with "TF-XXI", which is apparently a reference to this : http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/Miscellaneous_groups#Force_XXI . The title also contains "TEWT" which means "Tactical Exercise Without Troops" : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_exercise

Now back to the Ground Zeroes trailer:


Is "The Phantom Pain" about the first VR trained child soldier? Chico?!

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Yeah, like the guy with the mummy face said, we're gonna know more this GDC, and I guess it will be the "official" announcement! :D I almost want them to continue trolling a little longer, maybe until e3! :P

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