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FunnyJunk sues American Cancer & National Wildlife Fed.


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http://boingboing.net/2012/06/18/funnyj ... ameri.html

Bit of a tl;dr for those that aren't aware of what's going on. FunnyJunk sues The Oatmeal for $20,000 based on ludicrous claims, The Oatmeal responds by making a mockery of FunnyJunk, pledges to raise the $20,000 and instead of paying the fine, split it between The American Cancer Society and The National Wildlife Federation. What The Oatmeal didn't know was that this would spread like wildfire and people have raised nearly $200,000 in just over a week. Because of this, FunnyJunk's lawyer is suing not only The Oatmeal, but also The American Cancer Society and The National Wildlife Federation.

My thoughts: who the FUCK sues a cancer research organization, let alone a wildlife federation? FunnyJunk is going to get reamed in the ass hard by some of the greatest lawyers out there, and I can guarantee pro bono with how much attention this is getting.

Anyone remember Jack Thompson? He's reincarnated.

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Am I supposed to know who or what FunnyJunk and The Oatmeal are?

Funnyjunk, no; the oatmeal, yes.

I think this whole thing is pretty crazy, websites like funny junk or 9gag thrive of the reposting of others works usually without credit and always without consent.

I hope this goes royally tits up for both that lawyer and funnyjunk, for a multitude of reasons, both are terrible. (That is not to say I like Matthew inman at all, he acts like a total douchebag but does at least happen to be an innocent Vic I'm here)

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*Sigh*, this is one of those things that while somewhat aggravating to look into is amusing as well :XD: Funny Junk has issues.... and Oatmeal I've known for a bit now, I like his stuff. This is one of those cases that I can't believe doesn't just hit some screening process wall before being able to go to court. It's just asinine; a single government official could poke through this case on their own and be done with it, no need for lawyers and judges t.t

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