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Mission Improbable WIP thread

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You're welcome! I was reading the interview with PlanetPhillip (the transcription is pretty silly) and the part where you're like "yeah I wish we got more attention" and I was like "huh I thought everyone posted about them" but it turns out they missed it. Good luck / congrats

Promoting the mod has been quite hard work, lots of emailing around to various sites, but not an extreme amount of response, so the RPS posting definetly helped a lot!

And yeah, the auto-transcribe thingy used for that interview is not quite ready for primetime yet, haha. Or I just slur my words alot.

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Played through it today, was saving for a good time. Really enjoyed alot. As with whoopservatory I really like the 'moments' and things you make, such as the


There are many fun and unique setpieces and the art is fantastic, beautiful. I really liked the

moss covered caves

a lot.

When I first played parts 1+2 I found the gunship and first hunter fight to be quite hard, but this time I beat it easily and walked away with full rockets which made the first hunter battle quite easy.

Overall it was very easy, but then again I've played alot of HL2 mods so maybe that's why. There are alot of situations where good ammo management early on makes things easy later.

The second hunter battle was frustrating, but I actually thought it was the most enjoyable combat scenario in the whole thing, up until the fourth or fifth death. That part had a lot of potential for a fun fight but felt like the least polished part of the entire thing. I took a ton of notes on that battle, the problems and how it could be better but fear posting them for looking like an ass by going on and on.

If there is one thing wrong with this mod it is the collision. Playerclip is your friend. Smooth stuff out.

I have no idea why the player went into

the combine base. I think the wheelchair guy said we were supposed to do something but the robovoice is hard to understand. I have no idea if there was an objective nor if the player accomplishes it...it doesn't feel like anything was accomplished.

I took a few screenshots of my favorite parts while I was playing: http://imgur.com/a/v6CdG

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This mod is really nice and looks brilliant. One of my all time favourites. Loved the wheelchair guy as well, and the ending

was very funny.

Only had two things that bothered me a little and that was the backtracking prevention done in the mid section before map 2.

I tried to get the battery but got pushed away by the gas and I have seen it happen to others too so just moving the battery to the other side might fix that.

And this might be just me but the first map was a lot more difficult then the other maps and the fight at

the station

was almost too easy now.

But yeah that might be just me. Overall loved the mod, has great quality and I hope you guys will continue to do mods together. Cheers!

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