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Mission Improbable WIP thread


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Since Mission Improbable is well underway now, I thought I'd start a thread here where I can post all the stuff I usually post on ModDB.

Me and Rick_D are hard at work on it, and we aim to be content complete at the end of June. Once we reach that, we will spend some time polishing it up as much as we can, and hopefully it will turn out just dandy.

Anyways, here's the things I posted to ModDB last night. I'll stick with the screenshots, if you want to read more general update stuff you can take a look here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/mission-improbable


The re-worked MIMP2 map. Rick is currently working on it, I'll do an additional script and optimization pass on it once he's done.



This is the work-in-progress MIMP3 map. I'm currently polishing and tweaking it, once I'm done with it I'll hand it over to Rick so he can do some stuff with it.


And here's our new character, he is the rebel leader you meet in the second map. He is hella battle-scarred from fighting the Combine for so long. Now he has a more administrative role in the Resistance movement, but he can still pack a punch if he's backed up in a corner (and facing the correct way, haha).

I'll keep this thread updated with whatever new media (ooh media, I actually just mean .jpg images) that's posted.

Again, if you want to read the development-updates, you can take a look right here :


Okay hope you like it!!

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