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there becomes a point when nerfing pc assets to console specs actually hurts the game play, sure, it's not competitive, but still ...you can tkae it quite far, just look at C3, then again it was not running at 30 fps on console :/ 

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Finally managed to drag myself through it. I respect what they've tried to do, and you can see that a lot of effort and hard work went into it, but it just didn't come together for me at all. If it wasn't for their fast travel mechanic then I'd never have finished it, the driving mechanics are so insanely bad that it boggles the mind that this was really the best they could ship with. If they were improving the driving mechanics with that dev extension that they got then I don't even wanna know what it used to be like. 


The player progression feel completely flat, and since you're able to unlock the important stuff within the first 2 hours, then it just stops feeling worthwhile to take on side missions, especially because they're mainly just the same copy/paste stuff over and over. Considering that a large hook for them was that this was an open world with depth, then it feels surprisingly empty and devoid of interesting content to explore.


Really didn't care for the way they handle music either, where there's no radio stations and you have to go in and put together your own playlists with a clunky UI. It's fine they're trying something else, but the convinence of just having a radio station where you can just switch to whatever type of music you're in the mood for seems like a really clever idea after having played this for a couple of hours.


The story is also makes no sense at all, and feels like they've stretched a paper thin plot to fill an entire 12 hour game, reeks of having been rewritten a hundred times.


And then it just doesn't look particularly great most of the time, I'd say something like 6 year old GTA IV gives it a good run for it's money, and I'm playing this on a PS4. The water looks excellent tho :)


Anyway, I hope they're able to craft a much more complete and interesting package with a sequel, because this pretty much disappointed across the board for me.


TL;DR, meh, better luck next time.

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