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Spellbinder's photo thread.


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So yeah here is the first batch of picture. There is a lot to be learned, so these aren't the best pictures in the world, but i feel they are not so bad either. I still use Auto on the camera, i want and will learn how to set the camera for special environment but i believe i have a long way to go before i will be there. Also i still play around in the editing program, trying different levels, contrast, colour corrections and such. I still try to see images, to find that very special shot but to be better at that i think i have to just take more and more pictures.

So be free to criticize and come with tips/suggestions!

Edit: Camera used http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_EOS_500D


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Here's some new stuff, taken the first day of real spring in Gothenburg, 1st of May 2012. I still try, meaning i take a lot of photos, just to learn, and in photoshop i mostly experiment. I have some settings i almost all ways change, one is levels. So consider it as work in progress, the progress being me trying to be a photographer. As usual please comment and give criticism. The pictures should be viewed in full size.


























About the picture with the cop cars "Polis", we just passed the place in our car, i saw them and throw up my camera, start shooting, i never really got a "good" shot, but i did noticed on the sign it said "It's at Trädgårn it happens"! Trädgårn being the name of the place. And i found that a bit funny, so the pic get a chance.

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Nice man, captures the area nicely and makes me want to visit. :-D

The saturation/colour in your newer photos seems a bit intense, not sure if you did this intentionally or if it's a side-effect of adjusting the levels but the reds/greens look extremely overpowered on my screen. It actually looks quite cool in the flower photos, but the wider city ones are a bit hard to look at because of it and come across as unnatural (not in a good way).

If you're using Photoshop try using a black/white gradient map, it's like desaturate but with more control and nicer results. Click your photo layer and go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map, then once the layer is created make sure you have the black/white gradient selected and change the layer opacity until it looks right. I did this really quickly with one of yours so you can see the difference:


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