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I was so excited for this, since I love building games, but when I tried it out on spillexpo in Oslo last week the game was really laggy and unresponsive. I'm so hoping they will fix those issues because to me that game was unplayable.

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lmao. Glad to see the community isn't disappointing: I bet they're really regretting tying online play into this so much now...

Sadly, Norwegian isn't a major international hit yet. Gamesexpo right? :)

Im very hyped for this game, even though I have never played any SimCity for more than 15 min in the past. But all the media for this new one looks awesome.

Hope they fix those issues you mentioned Skjalg, that didn't sound very nice

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Apparently there is a beta Jan 25-28th.

The #SimCity Beta is taking place Jan 25-28. Be the first to play a one hour slice of the game: http://t.co/dxadwXpb RT if you're excited!

— SimCity (@simcity)

January 18, 2013

Sign up here: http://www.simcity.com/en_US/beta/info

Beta footage:


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