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What's the plan for MapCore this year?


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Haha, I know I'm stretching the definition of the word 'imminent' a little but work on the move has been underway and we're not looking at months. Transferring a gigantic database along with all the peripheral data is pretty difficult, in fact I've done it several times and each time there's been corruption or missing files (eg: everyone's avatars) for reasons that weren't entirely clear. I've gotten it mostly figured out though and I believe now I understand the procedure I'll be able to do it in the space of 12 hours or so.

Unfortunately this is going to mean the forums being offline while this is happening as any writes to the database during the move will cause the aforementioned problems, so within the next few days I'm going to take them down during the evening and hopefully everything will be done by the following morning. I actually quietly moved this thread as I'm getting ready to post a downtime alert. :oops:

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