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This is why NVidia is better than ATI


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when ever i had an ati card i had nothing but issues shit being black in the maya viewport ... stuff was z fighting that shouldn't .... wire-frames not being dispalyed over textured geometry and so on


fps per dollar ratio always seemed better too

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Interesting, although I'm not sure I want to see us go back to a time where some games looked different/better with an NVIDIA card and some better with an ATI card because of the agreements each had with publishers. It's a lot easier when choosing hardware if you know the game's going to look its best on both, and all you have to worry about is the price and performance. :sad:

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The Only ATI card I got without any problems was a 9200SE (no kidding), otherwise I always got problems with the shitty drivers that ATI make.

Obviously, the worst problems were in your 3D application when you work. emot_shakehead.gif

I have a nVidia now, my life is better, and I'm never cold in winter (and summer too).

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