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The Bourne Legacy


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When I first heard a new Bourne film was coming I kind of groaned, but I've gotta admit I'm quite stoked now. The guy playing the new lead was incredible in The Hurt Locker, and with Ed Norton and the best of the old cast in there it's a pretty good set of ingredients. :oops:

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Aye, hope this will be good, loved the Bourne movies (screw you shaky cam haters :v ). From the trailer then the plot does seem a bit forced tho; New agent, goes off the grid again, they chase him. Just hope he doesn't get amnesia as well ;)

Oh and yeah Mino, don't get me started on the entire "BHHHAAAAA" trend in trailers. Was cool the first few times, but it's getting pretty ridiculous at this point, everything is basically a variation of that. That said then I don't think it was that bad in this trailer.

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Thrik, I'm no audio engineer but the best way I can describe it is some kind of mix of a synthesized horn or brass instrument washed out (ie, dominated by) a grinding type of static. MW3 and BF3 both used variations on this kind of tone, as did Inception as mentioned above. My "horn or brass instrument" inclusion could be totally off, but I get the trend Minos and Mazy are talking about.

Otherwise, yeah Mazy I would add a W in it so it would be "BWHHHAAAA" or something.

Might want to listen to other recent Hans Zimmer work...such as the Christopher Nolan Batman movie soundtracks. They get some industrial type sounds in there, as well, and since he did the Inception soundtrack (wait, didn't he?) it's just starting to paint a broader picture of the trend.

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