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Just stumbled upon this bizarre little site, Mapstalgia - Video game maps drawn from memory.

At first I was all :?, but as I kept looking I started to get all :-D as a weird kind of nostalgia was brought on.

I haven't played or seen many of the games featured pretty much since they came out (including HL1), so looking at an abstract overview coming from someone else's memory kind of triggered my own memories and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. :cool:


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It does seem extreme, but I bet you I could put together something just as detailed for something like Metal Gear Solid. Amazing how it can imprint on your mind. :oops:

You made me start thinking about this, and I think I could get at least to where you fight the tank driven by vulcan raven. Weird, it's seriously been over a decade since I played MGS, and I don't think I ever replayed it. But I can still fully picture a lot of that game's levels in my mind anyway. Bunch of fragments past that, too, like the room with the molten metal you had to go to to heat up a keycard, and the room with a metal gear rex in it that you could run around/climb on.

MGS2 as well. Not so much the ship from the intro (though I can perfectly picture the outside deck of it), but Big Shell, the area you play as Raiden in.

Also I have every urban environment from Shadowrun on the genesis, in every little detail, committed to memory, but that's a game I have replayed like twenty times since I first got it as a kid. :P

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It's crazy. I'll admit that I've played the MGS games a good three times each so I guess replays just embed it further. I can literally go through the entirety of those games in my head — kind of mad. Might have to do one for the site. :cool:

Or when the new forums go up with articles (fyi) we can steal the idea and make it a series of our own. L!OL!OL!LOL!!!!!!

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