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Oh, I love the pixel art style. I think I'd tire of it on a big screen, but for a handheld game it's wonderful. Brings back that 90s simulation game charm which I've not experienced for ages. :sad:

Might have to get Tiny Tower now, been ages since I got a new iPhone game (not that I play them very often, I'm still working through Cut the Rope).

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":22gpfbk5]I still play angry birds when I got to the shitter, bout time I move to something else. Tiny tower it is.

No, Tiny Tower isn't an actual game, it's a chore. You'll be checking your phone every ten minutes until your spirit is broken and you stop playing, but when you dedicate time to sit down with it, there's nothing to do but endlessly move people up and down the elevators. If you want a bathroom game, get PathPix.

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Yeah, it's clearly a rip. While I can't deny that Zynga's version is very charming graphically, I think we all know that it's not a particularly big deal to take something someone else has already done the cranial work for — and more importantly, tested whether or not it's a successful concept that people want to play — and then slap some nicer paint over it. When you've got thousands of staff that's an incredible weak move, glad the masses are being alerted to it. :cool:

Zynga's version looks like something made by junior artists on macromedia flash lol

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Nothing Zynga is doing is illegal and we aren't heartbroken, angry or feeling victimized. We just couldn't pass up an opportunity to poke fun at Zynga.

Regardless of how much this will affect you and your partners in the end, I think it's good that you call them out on this. The amount of people who share and comment on the story shows that lots of game makers are shocked that this sort of thing happens. I'm sure you guys will be OK, but it still doesn't make it right. I don't think Apple is going to do anything about this, I'm not even sure if Zynga will comment on it, but you guys did the best out of the situation and now even more people know about Tiny Tower and NimbleBit. Kudos! :)

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