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Devil May Cry 5


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I have never played any DmC before, but this one looks very cool for his strange environment design :

Also, Mark Reiner on his twitter said it's made with the Unreal Engine 3.

I was not thinking that an unreal engine game could be fully dynamic with the lighting part.

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It'll be interesting to see. Ninja Theory’s PR has been very bad, though. They have said in interviews they don’t care what the fans think and blamed them for Enslaved’s poor sales (~500,000). I appreciate they are in a position where there’s nothing they can do nothing right in the eyes of certain haters, but this is a questionable approach. Especially when they are listening and redesigned Dante 3 times.

Gameplay wise it has changed a lot, such as the removal of the style system in place of Heavenly Swords weapon system. Could be interesting, though, so I’m happy to wait and see.

DMC1-3 was good, this is looking kinda cool, i just dont get it why Dante has got black hairs ? :interseting:

DMC4 was much better than DMC2. The game seems underrated because Nero whines a lot in the cutscenes and you have to backtrack, even though his Bringer mechanic was awesome, they let Dante change styles on the fly, and you backtracked in all the other games too (albeit not in such a linear fashion).

I think he’s meant to have dyed his hair? A lot of people are complaining about it because in the lore Dante’s white hair is from birth, because his human/demon heritage – though they’ve removed that too and he’s half angel now (which kind of invalidates the whole plot of the first game). But I’m rather surprised anyone really cares about the story of a series where you surf rockets and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8qG4AlK1qk.

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There's also a new video around where you fight inside FOX News. Boss sequence is visually very interesting though the fight boils down to pushing buttons and fighting mook enemies.

I kind of wish this was a new franchise.

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heavenly sword was in my eyes a huge failure of a game. i still remember the frustration brought by it. a developer blaming the fans of a series they have been granted a license for, however, is bullshit. even more so when the game the fans are blamed for did not stand up to par. so that's two negative points for ninja theory. am i getting this game? most likely not, if only to prove a point.

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Rise from your grave. So this has a demo now and it has a had a lot of, um, feedback on the Internets.



Also apparently the story has been leaked and contains time travelling and demon baby eating. Might be fake, of course: Cdttr.jpg

Err. Hm.

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So, nobody waiting/playing it ? :P

I'm waiting the unlock on Steam (since the PC version is dated for the 25 January). On console it's already out.

So here is the launch trailer :


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Since this is back on page one I'll point out the leak above is lies, though actual cutscenes have been ripped now and the story is so edgy you'll cut yourself on it.

I still haven't brought this. I'd have picked it up if it was a completely different game with no pretence of being Devil May Cry, but it’s as if I believe my one sale will be the deciding factor to whether Capcom keep with DmC or abandon this experiment and go back to the old series. It seems from interviews this is a legitimate branch point and with Ninja Gaiden dead, Bayonetta on the Wii, etc. this is kind of it for hardcore action games of its ilk.

From what I hear the game is by no means bad, better than Heavenly Sword and Enslaved (but that doesn’t say much), though nowhere near as deep or intricate as the older series that has been piling on features since its inception, a fact few reviewers mourn as depth is an archaic relic of the past used to keep norms out.

To be honest, I’ll probably get it on PC later in the month, since I don’t currently have a good console setup, the framerate is bad, and there were some interesting mods for the DMC4 port.

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The girl played through the demo recently and it looked really good to me. Excellent, even.

I never played the old DmC games but I always saw them as being a little too intricate for me, the same thing that I thought when I played Bayonetta and Castlevania: LoS. I suspect people who love beat-em-up games would find these kind of things most appealing, but I prefer a more casual approach as seen in things like God of War and Heavenly Sword.

So it's clear who this game is aimed at: not the die-hard fans who love sophisticated combos and chains. If that's what you're looking for you might as well not bother because I didn't see much of that (which delighted me). It's definitely more for someone who enjoys a bit of hack-and-slash but doesn't want it to be too challenging and fiddly. A bit like Uncharted, then — gives someone a good story-led shooter experience without piling it on too much.

I guess it sucks for old DmC fans that their series has been changed, and I bet there's a lot of uproar and predisposed hate in those circles as a result. But I've had to deal with my beloved Metal Gear Solid series getting shitty diversions so it's not the end of the world. There's always Bayonetta and its looming sequel (ON THE WII U LMAO). :-D

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Yeah, I guess that's my problem. There are dozens of games out there where you can button mash to victory whereas the so-called “extreme action” genre that DMC created is now effectively gone. At this point I should link something like this (though honestly I think the jump cancel glitch/feature is kind of lame).

But, while I don’t think trading combat for story is good, nor that tryhard-fuck-you-squirrel-semen-demon-twitter-bill-o'reilly is necessarily better than anime cheese, it does sound like a pretty good game judged on its own merits and Devil May Cry is hardly a perfect series anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-92WUjnC1w, for instance.

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Played through it. Played through it once more on "Son of Sparda" difficulty. Now playing through it again on "Dante Must Die" difficulty. It's quite taxing on my fingers now. No lock-on is a bummer because the games have always had it, but I am at the same time thankful for it since my fingers aren't comfortable with holding the lock-on button constantly, so this game targets whatever enemy you are facing, so just push the stick in the direction of the enemy that you wanna pummel and away you go. The game itself is quite good and not the disaster the fanbase predicted. And this being a more modern DmC, expect lots of wubs.

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Why do I have the feeling this game kinda came from nowhere? It's actually getting some pretty good reviews and indeed looks fun. Aparently loads of hardcore devil may cry are pissed because it deviates too much from the original formula.

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