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CryENGINE 3 - An Introduction and Application


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Enjoy everyone, any questions, you know where to find me! :) Hope it will come in handy for anyone looking to learn the engine.

http://eat3d.com/blog/eat-3d/3-new-dvd- ... pplication



Volume 1:

- Getting Started and Folder Structure

- Overview of the UI

- Customizing the editor

- Viewports

- A quick look at entities

- Overview at panels

- Working with objects

- Your first level - Terrain

- Your first level - Lighting the scene

- Your first level - Terrain

- Your first level - Modeling the terrain

- Your first level - Detailing and painting the terrain

- Your first level - Adding Vegetation

- Your first level - Vegetation details

- Your first level - Detail brush placement

- Your first level - Environment tab

- Your first level - Fog Volumes

- Your first level - Water Volumes

- Your first level - Terrain


Volume 2:

- Your first level - Particles

- Your first level - Boids and Visual Dynamics

- Your first level - Decals and Roads

- Your first level - Prefabs and Archetypes

- Your first level - Doors

- Your first level - Ropes

- Your first level - Sounds

- Your first level - Layers and Organization

- Your first level - Solids

- Your first level - Creating a cave with voxels

- Your first level - VizAreas

- Your first level - Environment cubemaps

- Your first level - Clouds

- Your first level - Detailed lighting


Volume 3:

- Creating a simple interior level

- Creating and adding custom decals

- Creating and adding custom roads

- Creating and adding custom terrain layers and textures

- Deferred Lighting

- Lightbox

- Environment Cubemaps and Probes

- Custom terrain heightmap

- CryTIFF Exporter

- Materials

- Advanced Vegetation

- Creating a prop - Modeling and preparation

- Creating a prop - Materials and Textures

- Creating a prop - Proxy and LODs

- Creating a prop - Material variations and Tips

- Particles overview

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Excellent timing Helder! Learning CryEngine is my next project and I suspect these will be of great use! :)

Out of curiosity, how much of the DVD's cover the engine/editor-know-how and how much is about asset creation/importing/similar? As an un-artisty peson, I'm mainly interested in the former. :P

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