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Thanks guys, I've had a bunch already — the Core loves you all. :D

I was thinking of doing some kind of badges/titles or at least a list of contributors somewhere which gives you some kudos for contributions, this'd be much easier on the new layout as it could go in the sidebar. I've seen contributor badges used on other forums and in some cases they even get special privileges but I don't know what exactly to do regarding that, needs some thought. I do kind of like the idea of giving recognition via a badge/title though. By all means leave suggestions! :v

Thanks for that suggestion e-freak, I'll do some estimations when I have a moment and will find some way of putting it public. Hopefully when the forum revamp is underway I can get a proper donation page up which has such info and the above list on it. :)

don't give people special privledgesa rg bbbbbb54

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