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Dumb question ( udk )


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Another dumb question :rolleyes:


I'm trying to lightmap some stuff, and i have that problem appearing on some of my meshes, usually the ones that have different smooth groups !

The lightmap UV is pretty clean, i assume it's lightmapped correctly because of the grid, and it's just a beveled box with a different smooth group on each side ..

Do you guys have any ideas of what this could come from ?

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Next time, try to build lightning, UDK sometimes is really big pain in the ass when it comes to lightning, end every time you want to have accurate light, biuld it and see how it is looking after that

but even that ase, should see your smoothin groups, hmm strange, but it's good you've foun a solution

and as pampers said, you can right-click, to snap your pivot to vert and then move your object on the grid, but can't snap vert in the traditional way

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