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FUCK GTA SA, the best one in the series is the Vice City - love 80's and the all feel that game gives, why they don't remake that game, SA is only so worshiped by all ppl couse it was easy to mod ect

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never understood the point on shitting on one game because you liked another one a little more

bad day i guess, but the bottom line : i want Vice City remake

I'd definitely be on board for more of this! Then again SA could be pretty cool with in an 80s rendition.

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Gotta say, no real interest in a new Vice City. It was a great game, but not all that different to GTA4 and its big gay expansions. SA was distinct for offering such a huge variety of environments, and I have really good memories of exploring the deserts, mountains, forests, etc — far more so than the other games and their endless city blocks and apartments. I mean, how much more gameplay can you really squeeze out of that shit at this point?

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GTA: SA was great! like Thrik said, endless exploration and, might I add, some of the most fun singleplayer I've experienced :) GTA 4 was a bad port but still alot of fun: games that offer that kind of sandbox experiences are rare AFAIK (from a PC point of view). from what I've seen and read, GTA 5 looks like a baby from GTA 4 and SA... :v

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