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On 8/13/2021 at 4:26 PM, Buddy said:

It would make sense if they outsourced it to some other studio.


On 8/13/2021 at 5:19 PM, Pampers said:

Wonder if it will include the liberty city and vice city story spinoffs, always wanted to try them. Using ue4 means this is outsorced, so that prob means Rockstar is working on something new, phew

That's what I thought as well when I read it... but GTA (4-onwards) is kinda distinctive for its physics-driven animation system, it would be weird to remaster them just for the graphics, and ignore* the "feel" of character movement we are now used to.

*Ignore in the sense I don't expect you can replicate that feel as closely on a completely different engine, and if you can... then what's the point on continuing developing the newer games on the RAGE engine.


btw what's the censorship on Steam? I have the original PC releases, GTA4 on Xbox, and GTA5 on Steam.

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People have already mods for these games that make them look great.

From the trailer footage it seems to me that GTA 3 might be the most substantially updated, but it may be just because of the weather effects they showed.

Also I doubt it's running on UE. Why would they do that? Wouldn't it be much easier to use their own in-house engine? Unless they are planning to use UE5 for their next game, which is probably not coming anytime soon if they're dropping this now.

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14 hours ago, Human Doctor said:

People have already mods for these games that make them look great.

Also I doubt it's running on UE. Why would they do that? Wouldn't it be much easier to use their own in-house engine?

I guess download the mods while you can, 2K/Rockstar haven’t treated the community of fan/modders very well.

I had the same skepticism in terms of engine, but mine was in direct correlation of rumours of complete remakes. I didn’t see any logic in redoing all the assets, and porting to a different engine… when they have their own that frankly looks great.

I’ve run a couple of searches and here and there confirms it is running on UE. Articles mention the mobile games were built with Unreal… so I guess what we have is an upgraded porting of the mobile games ? (which I had totally forgotten they existed, now that I think of it, I believe I even bought one!)

12 hours ago, Poofoge said:

I don't think anyone would buy a 40$ or a 60$ remastered trilogy TBH

Considering the price for latest AAA it might even look like a deal for some. For 25 I would have got it, if the graphical upgrades were more substantial.

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I installed san andreas on steam yesterday to see if my copy still worked. Looks like as long as you had it prior to the release of this pile of garbage you're still good.

This remaster trend is pissing me off to no end. If you're going to do it, do it properly and for the right reasons. Yes, money is always the main reason, these are businesses after all. But if that's the only reason, the ones greenlighting these disasters can fuck off.

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Is there a term for those trashy websites that put out low-effort content like "Top 15 healthy foods you should be eating" or "20 indie games you should play right now" or "14 best Family Guy episodes" or any other article, filled with ads, which you never read but only skim through when you're interested in what the corporate superintelligence wants you to think?

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