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http://imgur.com/a/ejPAd   You'd probably be able to convince people that these were actual photos by posting it on Instagram      

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They are always too late with the pc release. Im hyped at the time they release it for the first time, but by the time it finally comes for pc, I couldnt care less.

Also always the question if they release it for pc at all...


I dont want to buy a game and feel like Im just a 2. class customer. (Begging for a release, getting it a year late and probably a messed up port just like GTA4.)

Im going to buy it once its in a sale for less than 20$. Ill just wait a little longer and play the Witcher 3 instead.

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PC gets 4k support tho, which is awesome.

What a bs selling point though, practically every game released in the last 6-8 years support 4k.  It's mostly a question of ui scaling (most games have no issue as it's 16:9)+driver support (p sure all drivers rn support 4k).


But hey, I heard that the PC version SUPPORTS MOUSE AND KEYBOARD HOLY SHIT.

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lol, that's a good point. Question is, do 8 year old games really support 4k? I'd bet the HUD would look fucked because back then they weren't vectored, among other shit that becomes a problem when you try to render a 4k image at a decent frame rate. Seems like they're actually going through the trouble of making 4k res an actual good experience, and not a hack res you changed the .ini file somewhere.


But what the fuck do i know. lol

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