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Good grief... here we go...

Grand Theft Auto 5 under fire for graphic torture scene

The mission has been condemned for its violence, as well as for missing the satirical mark

Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most expensive computer games ever made, has caused outrage among human rights groups for including a torture scene in which the player must pull teeth and electrocute an unarmed man.

Freedom from Torture joined Amnesty, teachers' union the ATU and MP Keith Vaz in condemning the scene, just two days after the release of the game.

Players of the 18-rated game become career criminal Trevor Phillips, and in a mission within the game called 'By the Book' are commanded by the FBI to torture an alleged terrorist for information.

Players must complete the scene to finish the game and are offered a selection of torture implements, including sledgehammers and electric cables to use on the victim. If his heart stops, a shot of adrenaline restarts it.

Following the scene, the character drives the witness to the airport while lecturing his victim on how torture is a technique for exerting power.

“Rockstar North has crossed a line by effectively forcing people to take on the role of a torturer and perform a series of unspeakable acts if they want to achieve success in the game," said Freedom from Torture chief executive Keith Best.

"Torture is a reality, not a game and glamourising it in popular culture undoes the work of organisations like Freedom from Torture and survivor activists to campaign against it.

Labour’s Keith Vaz added that he was “astonished at the level of violence depicted”, while the release also prompted Alison Sherratt, president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, to warn that young children watching their siblings play may not be able to tell that it is fictional.




Is there anything Amnesty International wont condemn...? Whatever happened to Jack Thompson...

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That's great to hear. I think I'd have killed myself if I'd spend fuckloads of time nurturing some gorgeous car then it disappeared. What about if you destroy it, like drive it off a pier? Is it gone forever?


yyyy, dunno, why don't you try it and tell me :D ?

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