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Warsow is looking for texture artists / texture contribution


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Hello dear MapCore community!

Warsow is looking for texture artists who may be willing to take part in developing the next version of Warsow, which is an established brand in free gamedev itself. Candidates are required to have sufficient skills to produce high quality regular (diffuse) textures, normalmaps and specular maps.

We can't give any financial reward for the work, but taking part in the project might become a good learning experience in itself and a good point in your CV.

I've seen a lot of incredibly skilled texture artists around here who do lots of stunning art just out of fun. Now's your change to contribute something for long-living game project and get your art seen by countless numbers of players for years to come!

Even if you're not interested to take full-time part in the project - a lot of artists seem to have bunch of quality textures done just for some certain scenes and let them to rot in their HD's after that. So now's your change to give some more life to your old superb textures if you're willing to contribute them to Warsow :-)

So what's Warsow style about?

Warsow uses heavily metals and concrete textures with painted, clean cartoonish look. To get better idea of the art style, visit http://www.warsow.net and check the screenshots (and of course download the game!).






We're especially looking textures/texture sets for the following categories, in cartoonish/semi-realistic style:


* Metals

* Concretes

* Decals (stains, posters, fake neon adversitements)

* Window textures


* Also mapobjects (md3, ase, lwo) are welcome!

- urban/industrial, street lamps, barriers, factory stuff

- futuristic constructions

* Player models/animation

We'd be extremely happy even for small contributions - even if you happen to have just couple high quality metal or concrete or whatever textures lying around with no use for them, consider giving them for the Warsow project!


www: http://www.warsow.net

irc (quakenet!): #warsow

email/msn: crizis@warsow.net

Peace and love

- Warsow development team

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