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Dark Souls


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no thread for this? am i missing something?

holy shit this game is hard, but it's also very good. it is also extremely light on telling you how to play the game, so share tips, ask questions, cry together.

- there is a merchant in the castle area, sort of hidden under some boxes and down some stairs

- to shoot a bow you have to equip the bow and equip the arrows in the arrow slot

- when creating a class, don't pick the ring that says it will regenerate HP, that is a typo.. it just increases your HP cap :(

? How do you write or rate notes left in the world?

will write some more stuff up later.

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? How do you write or rate notes left in the world?

Buy a orange (or yellow?) soapstone from that merchant you mentioned. It allows you to write/rate messages.

One tip I've seen is be sure to talk to NPC's multiple times. Most of the characters I've found will have something for you if you talk to them multiple times.

In the starting area (Firelink Shrine i think it is) there is a monk dressed in chainmail with a shield, if you talk to him a couple of times he will ask if you want to join the way of the white,

one of the covenants in the game. If you agree he will then sell you miracles (Like heal :D)

I'm having a lot of fun with the game. I've beaten the first 3 bosses (4 if you count the tutorial boss) and I'd almost say the areas following the boss you just beat seem to be harder then the boss was XD.

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finished my first playthrough yesterday as a sorcerer. started a new character (knight) and i'm currently at duke's archives.

has anyone used the boss souls for anything useful? i've had them in my inventory for a while now, but I can't really find anything worthwhile to spend them on.

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Just ordered this.

I liked Demon's Souls but once it started getting a mainstream following the online went downhill pretty fast. Was great when nobody knew what was going on and people in freaky builds came at you. But it got really hyped up as some amazingly hardcore and difficult game... but it wasn't particularly challenging - you just had to not play it with a modern "to hell with it, there’s checkpoints" attitude. But people went in with guides telling them exactly what to pick and where to go, largely defeating the whole point, and you ended up in a scenario where you couldn't kill the monk anymore with a net connection because someone would Fist of God as you walked through the portal.

I know I sound like a dick with "I liked it before it was mainstream" but there you go.

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Definitely. The environments are unbelievable. One of the best parts of the game is getting to a new area and spending a lot of time cautiously studying everything about it. I love how they designed it so that you really feel like you're in a large structure. I remember after I began to get my bearings going to the Bell Gargoyle area, looking over the tower and realizing I could see all the areas I've been to and all the areas I'm going to go to.

I would also love to see how they managed to design the game. It must have taken some insanely meticulous planning.

So I had a red phantom invade me the other night and he was invisible like a ghost. I couldnt target him and he one-shotted me with a giant sickle!

Is it possible to have ghost status? That seems a little rough, I'm gonna have to make sure I have transient curses on my quick items.

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So I had a red phantom invade me the other night and he was invisible like a ghost. I couldnt target him and he one-shotted me with a giant sickle!

Is it possible to have ghost status? That seems a little rough, I'm gonna have to make sure I have transient curses on my quick items.

Ring of Fog and it's annoying as hell. It's being fixed next patch. You can't lock-on to players that are using it, so your best option is to either equip it yourself or just try to kill him without lock-on. Transient curse is only meant for new anor londo.

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new patch. taken from a translation at neogaf

Adjust some magic

- magic shield,, great magic shield

- peace of walk (the slow effect)

- ring of fog

- iron flesh

- adjustment to elemental and stat scaling weapon

- adjustment to pyromancy flame

- adjust online matching condition

- host will receive full amount of souls in coop

- crack red orb is no longer used on a fail invasion

- adjust soul drop

- adjust item drop

- some boss will drop humanity and homeward bone

- adjustment on titanite drop rate

- adjust item discovery rate with humanity

- Undead male merchant

-- now sells bottomless box

- undead female merchant / smith Andrei / ???

-- now sell normal/heavy/wood arrow and bolts

- master key something firelink shrine

- giant smith

-- now sells normal/big/feather arrow, normal/heavy/sniper bolt

-- also sells titanite shard, large titanite shard, green titanite shard, twinkle titanite shard

-- also sells weapon box, armor box, repair box

- Vamos smith

-- now sells normal/heavy/wood arrow/bolt

-- also sells titanite shard, weapon box, armor box, repair box

- Some healer

-- added "temporary curse"

-- sunlight warrior entry adjustment, now faith + successful coop x 5 >= 25

-- abolish sin is now soul level x 500

-- adjust base equip weight

-- some change to lock on

-- change to soul level display

-- fix unlimited magic and item use

-- fix button lag

-- Fixed Solaire of Astora event in NG+

-- you will no longer lose your entire stack if you break shards with Kingseeker and ends up having more than 99 of those shards

-- some changes on English caption

most importantly, the matchmaking has been improved so it should be easier to play with others.

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I believe they also are changing Tranquil Walk of Peace. Thank god, the fog ring with TWoP was brutal. It took me like 20 tries to get the 3rd kill for the forest cat god. Ended up slashing widly with a Raw Zweihander +5 and managed to clip the fogged guy :D

Any idea if they are letting you target player with the ring of fog?

Also are there specific weapons required for stuff like Chaos and Occult upgrades? I gave the chaos ember to the skeleton and I can see the chaos upgrade slot but my weapons only seem to qualify for fire damage.

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