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[TF2] pl_Manngrove by R1ghteous


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Manngrove Marsh (PL) by R!ghteous

Email: [email protected]

Currently: Release Candidate 4

Overview: As the payload plods its course through Manngrove Marsh you can rest assured it's going to be a bumpy ride. The focus of this map is to provide players with a complex, yet refined, approach to the payload game type. While the path of the cart provides a clear focal point, the numerous and diverse access points ensure that a skilled player will be able to outmaneuver or directly overpower the opposition. Additionally, this map attempts to revitalize the concept of base infiltration as the Blu team moves from the Red team’s façade to deep inside the Red rocket base, all the while, pleasing the player’s eye.

Objective: To win BLU team must escort a cart full of explosives through a series of checkpoints and into RED's base within a certain amount of time.

Currently 24/7 on this server: Feel free to come anytime.



Most up to date images can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/r1ghteous/screenshots/?tab=all

And here are a some direct links:





















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The interior areas look gorgeous, but the exterior is really lacking in the lighting department. I'm not a fan of that color palette. If you still want to keep the sunset setting, I'd recommend setting the light_env's pitch to a much lower value (10 or so) so that only hints of orange are visible. An entire map tinted orange is not cool imo!

Example of what I mean:


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As of right now I am releasing publicly releasing RC5 of pl_manngrove. This is last iteration before final. You can download the file here from here:

24/7 manngrove server -


TF2 Maps]


Direct Link]

The newest release features many graphical changes including:

1. Adjusted lighting to help guide players towards objectives, along the fastest routes, and to add more depth/dimension.

2. Adjusted detail in some areas to provide the player with a better experience.

4. Added a new death pit at point D which is more fitting to the environment.

3. Additional optimizing with hints/areaportals/draw distances to provide players with the highest fps possible while still maintaining as much visual depth and polish as possible.

4. Created brushwork for the skybox so that red's skybox models would no longer clash with the color of the brick in the playable area.

5. Corrected some Z-fighting and graphical errors.

Gameplay changes include:

1. Additional access to the battlements at point one to provide blu with a more immediate route. This change as shown to assist blu in pushing past the choke at the doorway that provided red with a slightly unbalanced choke in servers over 16 players. You can see the ramp/skill jump here:2B90074505206BDEB2C01ACFD9E5B6ED8A7C356E

2. Added an additional hallway and elevated room for blu within the battlements. Testing with this change has shown to provide blu with an additional position to clear out slightly overpowered sentry spots, as well as, an elevated fighting position to clear the choke at the garage entrance on red side. You can see the changes here: 9BB23F3D9E9D6EFAC38590353760DC94C181B783 and here: 11E2D31D1135051661C7B5D12A80828A510C1BB1

3. Re-added an alternate ending if red wins. The rocket at point D now takes off and players in the area are sucked into its blast. Cleaned up the logic for this as well.

4. The setup time has changed from 90 to 80 seconds. The typical 70 seconds (rc3) was too short for red given the distance necessary to travel and setup sentrys/defense, however 90 seconds (rc4) proved to be frustrating for blu players. 80 seconds has shown to be a happy medium allowing red enough time to setup without frustrating blu players.

5. Added/altered/lit various signage to help players find their way around the map easier on their initial run through.

5. Added a func_door to help new players on the red team make the correct choice in direction to go out of spawn. Signage alone was not enough to ensure players make the correct choice in direcion. The new sign can be seen here: C3A9F779AAB08EBCDDED454C0517A2E894EA094F

6. Added large amounts of player clipping to avoid getting caught on/bumping into objects. Additional player clipping has been added to provide a smoother walkway in some areas that were previously rough do to small changes in height on props/brushwork.

7. In addition to this there were various other small changes that no one will notice but me.

If you have any further feedback I am available at [email protected], you can add me on steam, the feedback section] for the map on tf2maps.net, or I will check back here regularly so feel free to post here as well.

I would like to give a big warm thank you to everyone for your feedback and suggestions. I appreciate it more than you know. Also thank you to my testers who helped me with this latest iteration before its release. Finally, thank you all for your support.

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I agree with CJ; I think a great example is this shot right here:


I look at this and see a really cool warehousey room that reminds me a bit of On a Rail from HL1. You can see where things come, where they go, and all that. But that angled catwalk that jumps across at the top I think ruins it for me. All the geometry in the room points up, up, up, and there's a cool ceiling up there to bring it all together, but so much of the read of the room is blocked where the catwalk cuts across up there. If that's an accessible gameplay space, I'd say cut it off at the near bend at the top of the image, cut a hallway through on the right side, and leave only the catwalk that goes straight across the room to the space on the left. If it's not gameplay space, I'd say rip it out entirely and leave that room open from floor to ceiling.

Overall, though, there's some really great looking work here. I think what'll make the difference is just finding that right balance of clutter to make the world appear lived-in without having a negative impact on its composition.

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