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[TF2] Zinkenite Valley (Control Points)

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Hello Mapcore!

I'm promoting my level design project today, cp_zinkenite (3 stage/dustbowl-esque). Here's a plot synopsis:

"Deep in the Northwestern wilderness, the Reliable Excavation and Demolition company has discovered a veritable treasure trove of a rare variety of piezoelectric crystal: zinkenite! The Builders League United, not to be outdone by their rivals, set forth into this wild expanse in hopes of claiming rights to this new-found wonder--by any means necessary!"





Youtube showcase:

Zinkenite has been rigorously tested and tweaked for months in the hopes of adding to the fun and invigorating gameplay of TF2, as well as a unique and (hopefully!) pleasing new visual style to the TF2 table.



Alternate links:





Development Thread:


Currently cp_zinkenite is in beta 2. I would love to hear from the TF2 about any concerns or suggestions; please feel free to post in the thread, send me PMs, or contact me at [email protected]

Thanks! I hope you have fun in Zinkenite Valley!

Also, does mapcore have a community tf2 server by chance?

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Beta 3 Out now!


Other downloads:



or .zip:


Beta 3


Based on many playtests in the public realm, I have changed the spawn times from b2 to b3 as shown to be mostly successful from beta2_test1. This change turns respawn waves from blu 3, red 6, to a more dustbowl standard of blu 2, red 9 (for reference, dustbowl is blu 2, red 10). Our win ratios in all the alpha tests at TF2Maps.net proved to be successful in each individual stage that was tested--but failed in the fact that our testing servers were rarely completely full. An ideal 'full server' effect shows that dustbowl has it right, and I hope these changes in respawnwave times will satisfy most of the complaints about map balance, and the extreme difficulty for blu to take 3-3.

Other changes include:

*much more signage

*clipping fixes

*moved the resupply cabinets at red's 3-3 further back

*reduced lightmap scale in parts of the map (filesize)

*disabled the intro-camera after 1-2 is taken (shows cp 1-1).

*opened the sniper window in the building at 2-1 by popular request

*filled in the deathpit between 2-1 and 2-2 (sorry if you liked it)

*clipped off the detail island at the death pit between 3-1 and 3-2

*re-arrangement/assignment of health and ammo pickups on stage 1

*removal of the handrails at 3-2 above the point

*Zinkenite Laser now animates to point upward and fires a laser when red successfully holds 3-3.

As always, the full changelog can be read here:


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holy schmoley this has come a long ways (this was zig right?). its looking really good im looking forward to playing it again soon.

the trees in the last screenshot are all facing the same direction, all of them!

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