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[CSS] de_restaurant


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de_restaurant final

Description: de_restaurant is a fast-paced, action loaded Counter-Strike: Source map. The bomb spot is located at the top floor, easy to reach but hard to defend. The map is designed for 5 vs 5 multiplayer action.

You Tube: de_restaurant action trailer


I'm currently looking for a job so I've had some time to finish this map.


Uploaded.to http://uploaded.to/file/4fg15prd

Direct download http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12670887/de_restaurant.zip

My Portfolio: http://www.marcel-leveldesign.com







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The exterior looks gorgeous, the interior is a bit sparse, but that might not be bad considering CS:S gameplay. That big room with lots of chairs/furniture looks like it could be a headache to navigate, esp once the chairs get tossed everywhere from a nade :)

The shadows around the chairs/tables look really strange, desaturated and way too prominent. It looks like all the shadows are being cast straight down? Even the picture frames and the phone are casting massive shadows down. The light fixtures casting shadows down doesn't make sense either...

But looks good overall :) I'll give it a run thru! Any servers?

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Thanks for your feedback twiz ! :)

during Beta stage the interiors had lots of props in it but after getting some gameplay feedback (online testing) I decided to make it more multiplayer friendly by deleting some useless details.

Year you are definitely right with the shadows but should be fixed in this version (some pictures are from an earlier version of the map) if not please tell me.

I haven't gotten any negative feedback about the big bar room yet however if it disturbs gameplay I'll fix it !

I don't know if there are any servers yet since I just released the map today but I'm sure there will be !

btw .nav file is included

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How's the server performence with those massive amounts of Phys_ entities in the bar?

What was the purpose of the trailer? (I'm being serious here - the trailer put me off, so I'm wondering if I'm missing something)

Any background to why the street just randomly collapsed in the last screenshot?

What's up with those doorframes in the 4th picture?

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The performance is pretty good due to prop_physics_multiplayer :) don't worry. I'm on the job hunt so I thought it would be a good idea to make a little trailer for my portfolio showing the level and some gameplay action. The background of the collapsed street is simple.. a terrorist attack happend. The terrorist fled into the restaurant next to their targeted building and the Counter Terrorist are to stop them. But of course it's mostly there for level boundary reasons :)

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