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Can it run Crysis?

Ginger Lord

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let me do that in HD :)

Hope you guys like the trailer! Game looks amazing on consoles - better than PC on lowest settings Bunglo! It's actually better looking in places then the original one, thanks to some new lighting effects we introduced with Crysis 2!

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Oh come on, images like that are so pathetic. :v

There's an entire video above which shows that the console version looks more than satisfactory. Nobody's expecting it to match the PC version considering that the PC was technologically ahead of what current-gen consoles could handle even in 2007, but that image makes it look like absolute garbage when actually I was really impressed by how good the console version seems to be. Plus it's a still from a sub-HD video which just adds to the stupidity.

I think it looks really good and it pleases me more people will get to experience an absolute classic that never got as much mainstream recognition as it deserved.

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