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Think Inside & Outside The Box challenge at CryDev, win loot


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If any of you would like to be a part of a challenge and win some loot then the guys at Crydev are holding a competition:


Early on last month, forum member atsest went ahead and started a community challenge for solids that we thought looked like a lot of fun. We'd like to expand on this and put up even more of a challenge to further put your skills to the test! Cooked up from the mind of our News Lead, Liam, this new competition will involve solids but with more restrictions to make it more challenging. The restrictions you face will be creative space!

The Goal

Your goal is to create a room made out of solids with the following dimensions: 14m X 10m X 4m. You are allowed to place windows in the room. You are allowed to place whatever you want outside of the room for background scenery but it will only be viewable through the windows (i.e; screenshots outside of the room do not count). The ultimate goal is to make the room as interesting, creative, cool, fun/funny, realistic, etc, as you can. The staff team will review the entries and agree on a room that they think is the best, as well as two runner ups.

Here's a quick example that Liam put together:



The Reward

Your reward will be fame and admiration among your peers! Well, that and a whole bunch of awesome Roccat gear and some Crytek merchandise!

  • [*:2p50msv3]1st Place - Roccat Kulo Stereo Headset, Roccat Kone+ Mouse, Roccat Sota Mouse Pad, CryDev t-shirt and signed copy (by the Yerlis & the Tracys) of the CryENGINE Cookbook
    [*:2p50msv3]2nd Place - Roccat Kone+ Mouse, Roccat Sota Mouse Pad and a CryDev t-shirt
    [*:2p50msv3]3rd Place - Roccat Kova+ Mouse, Roccat Sota Mouse Pad and a CryDev t-shirt

The Details

To go over the rules in point form:

  • [*:2p50msv3]Room made out of 6 solids with the maximum dimensions: 14m (length), 10m (width), 4m (height).
    [*:2p50msv3]Holes can be placed in the room (wall windows, roof skylights, etc).
    [*:2p50msv3]Either the CryENGINE 3 Free SDK or Crysis 2 Mod SDK Sandbox may be used.
    [*:2p50msv3]Level will need to be available for download by CryDev staff if requested.
    [*:2p50msv3]1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be judged by the CryDev staff team.
    [*:2p50msv3]Competition starts today, Monday, 5th September.
    [*:2p50msv3]Competition entries close Monday 12th September @ 4pm GMT.
    [*:2p50msv3]Entries are to be posted in a new thread in the
Competitions Forum.
[*:2p50msv3]Entries must provide a screenshot with the wall/roof solids selected to show dimensions (see example below)

Need Some Help?

Never used solids before? Looking for a crash course? In case you missed it, community member Duruk put together a really handy solids tutorial and you can read up on that here.

Get Going!

That about covers it! You have a little bit over 1 week to make the most awesome room you've ever made and there's some awesome prizes up for grabs so if you want to be in with a chance to win you'd best get started right away :D

This thread can be used for discussion on the competition but please note, entries posted in this thread will not be accepted so please create a new thread for your entry!

Announcement: http://www.crydev.net/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=74473

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