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Layoffs at Crytek, DE?


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There's already an official response from Avni Yerli:

http://www.develop-online.net/news/3856 ... its-claims

http://www.develop-online.net/features/ ... ks-defence

This blog has listed numerous positions which had allegedly been targeted for redundancies, such as a global talent manager, a level designer, a senior level designer, a producers, an executive producer, a lead researcher, a community manager, and so on. Is this accurate?

Well this is interesting, because of all those positions, nine of them had left on their own accord.

Before talking to you we thought about telling you everything in the fullest detail or not, but the most important thing to say is that nine resigned, one was a contractor, and four were released. Two of those ended in court cases which we won. So never have we lost a case in accordance to labour cause.

It’s important to know, by the way, that those sixteen people listed left from a period in 2010 and to the middle of 2011.

I mean, this is the nature of the business, you have 300 people in Frankfurt, in multiple teams across multiple offices, so the positions listed on that blog were not all specifically related to the Crysis 2 project.

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Response to the offical response: http://hireandfire.tumblr.com/


Enforcing weekend work and expecting them to come in are two different things. As an employee, you know that if you aren’t showing the drive and ambition to become a team player, your direct line manager may take a negative stance on your progression in the company. As the crunch time extends further and further, you are receiving less free time to spend with family, to strengthen relationships or to hold one together. As with the EA spouse blog, intention was to change the industry (or at least EA) in order to create a much more family friendly environment with a level of life balance found in other industries. No one in the industry expects to never work weekends or extended hours without a level of financial compensation, but that gives no employer the right to take advantage of people because it is their dream industry. We all entered into it knowing that we wanted to make a career in Games, to be involved in the design, envisioning and creative aspects of it - this is our passion as well as our hobby and we do this all for love of our jobs and the people surrounding us. We geek out every day, we just want to be rewarded for making you millions of dollars in profit.

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