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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Personally, I'm saving up for

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Well... I hope they reduce the hostage rescue one? :D


And who the hell can get 100 molotov kills? That's the only one I cheated with, pre-workshop I made myself a map to BBQ bots for that one :D

I got every single one of them.

The first game ever, I completed the achievements



Edit: epic congratulations text

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i liked the system in battlefield and i guess cod, where the achievements are a lot smaller, but you can gain them multiple times, so you can see on your medal board that you got the "get 30 m4a4 kills" multiple times, and then have the slightly more special medals, "earn $1,000,000" earnt a couple of times. im coming up to doubling the $2,500,000 blood money challenge. and probably have the AK47 badge many times over! lol


edit: I would have the AK47 "badge" 37 times D:

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