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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Thought it was another fake trailer until 20 seconds in :)

Looks pretty good IMO, I like that the additions they've made to Dust appear to be from one of the first iterations that DaveJ did, but he removed the stair in the tunnel for some reason. Always felt it would make for a better and more tactically interesting level~

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i think the first person animations look horrible they look like the kind of place holder anims that i would make ...

also noticed that when the awp shoots and rises you can see into the cut off arm at the bottom "classic counter strike bug" :D

the molotove the bomb planting anim looks extra stiff an generic too

... this is so strange because to me counter strike is the game that "defines" awesome first person anims ... i guess it all comes down to gooseman not working on it anymore :(

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