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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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haha I remember getting to the finalé in a 2v2 counter-strike tournament and the other team was so fucking sure they would win that they let us choose the map.

Ofcourse we chose cs_mansion :D They started out as CT's and immediately started whining that the map was one sided and that the CT's was too easy prey just after spawn. We won 10 - 0 as T's, easily plucking them when they tried to come out slowly from behind the walls.

So when we switched sides we did as we usually did on mansion, just rushed straight after spawn and plucked them easily once they showed the tops of their heads in the windows. It ended 20 - 2 or something. haha glorious

If we had played any other map they would have owned us so hard, but that was a sweeeet victory :D

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you fags obviously never played competitive cs if you think those maps are boring. backalley was fun to play with randoms, but it's not competitive quality.

I played competitive, fav map was mansion by far.

then you never played properly, or played in some weird fucking leagues.

the maps that are most commonly played now are maps that have been stress-tested for years, with minor adjustments where needed.

and cs isn't about running to chokepoints and scoring headshots. a team of mid level players can beat a team of high level players if their strategy is good.

i won't claim to be some fucking uber god, i was never that good at cs, but i played with people who were masters, went to a few lans and played some comps and saw how the games can play out.

competitive cs is by far the most entertaining game i have ever played.

anyway, whatever, there's a casual mode for all you scrubs lol. scrubbing away like scrubs.

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I never was a CS player, but played it a handful of times. This trailer is just all sorts of crap in its cheesy way, and I can't be excited for this game without having played the game religiously before, but I trust Valve know what they're doing and sense they can break the XBLA/PSN arcade game stalemate by offering a strong title that can actually get head to head with the massive FPS we have in terms of players and hours per month.

With that said, this game was done by the guys behind Defense Grid, with only some help from Valve, so I don't expect it to be of the traditional Valve caliber.

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