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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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So it's official! :D

I wonder if it's really going to be Q1 2012! :D Hope so... so they can finally concentrate on HL3? ~_~

Haha, who knows what's going on with the hl series. Considering this was completely unexpected and the projected release is very soon after the announcement, Valves got to be doing a little bit of trickery behind the curtain.

I'm curious as to how this will effect CSS. Considering there's still a crap ton who play 1.6, I can't imagine CSS being emptied out by a new version of the game.

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I don't care how it looks, I'll end up toning everything down anyway for better FPS and less shit on the screen. Last thing we want is to see the same mistake we saw with inferno on CSS. Clutter aint good especially on MP levels.

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