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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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1 hour ago, mtchromatic said:

The new CT skins in general are just less compatible with maps.
Skins having a variance of colors will let them have something to make them stand out, regardless of environment.


This is because the grand majority of CSGO player models are designed to contrast the differnt areas of the body. The body is separated into a chest, arms, hands, legs, feet, head and core face.


In that phoenix model for instance, Tan arms blend with the pink shirt while it contrasts with the white vest. The black mask allows for the core face to stick out. His legs are dark and contrast with the vest but his feet are light.

Of course you have models like the pirates which dont separate hands from arms very good or the anarchists whose feet legs and chest all blend together, but most of them follow the above system.


Now you look at the phoenix Enforcer skin and it just gets ruined. Dark tan boots meld in with dark brown mud on the grey pants which then go into a dark grey body followed up by a dark grey head. The only thing that breaks this up is a light grey phoenix symbol on the chest and the exposed skin.


Of all the new seal skins only the two Times mccoy one has any contrast. All the other skins are various shades of green camos with dark tan or green vests and pouches McCoy has light blue elements that break up his head from his chest and his arms from his chest but thats it. The old seal team models had black equipment to contrast their camo uniform.

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1 hour ago, FMPONE said:

It should not have come as a huge shock that literally adding camouflaged guys to CS would, uhm, make seeing them more difficult 

I mean its not like camo'd models wernt already in the game, they just were done right. The phoenix have urban camo pants but those are off set by bright colored vests and shirts. The pirates have green camo pants but have bright head-wear and white shirts and shoes to make them stick out. The current seal team models have black equipment, hands and boots that both allows for their core-face to to be highlighted but also counters the camo. The new seal team models have almost no contrast which by it self is bad, but then they also have camo with no contrast which results in them blending in.


The worst part is Valve already learned this lesson early on in the game. Back at the early launch of the game, Seal Team 6 had tan bags and helmets along with clear visors which made them blend in easily. This was especially apparent on aztec. Valve updated this tan gear to be black and for the visors to either be black or have a bright color (yellow or orange). One of the anarchist models used to have yellow highlights that got switched to blue because the yellow made it blend in with some areas of office. The elite crew had headwear that matched their shirts making their heads hard to find. All of this was fixed by Valve early on.

and yet now it seems like this whole operation was handled by new people to the cs team. The player skins are such a bizarre mishap that could have been done right.

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If Valve has to go down the route of highlighting player models somehow, the two elegant/acceptable solutions I see would be to apply a bit of black outline, alike cel-shading in Borderlands, or slightly lighting up the player.

I must not be the only one, interestingly enough 3kliks has visualised both in his latest video last night… I just didn’t get round to post it here first yday 😬


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