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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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My thought exactly, although it sounds he created the map really to have material for a video and just really with no aspiration, so I guess expectations in terms of gameplay must have very low.

I’m really surprised the 50-50, but I can’t remember the split for Mapcore maps I participated testing (was a long time ago), not sure how telling a test in very early alpha is… like I was reporting in another discussion, you look at pro results and the average shifts overtime.

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11 hours ago, Ringel said:

It is time for a change!

Yeah but that change starts and ends at just allowing us to disable enemy agent skins. I would personally like to see agent skins be equip able per faction IE you can only equip a phoenix skin for the phoenix faction, but I doubt Valve will go that route until they update more factions and make skins for them.


11 hours ago, Ringel said:

But what we also need is a Vscript which does not allow custom player skins

Okay and? Alot of good that vscript would do for maps on the workshop, on the off chance one gets added to the game Valve can just remove or disable that vscript or outright tell the map maker to remove it or their map wont be accepted.


11 hours ago, Ringel said:

their CT skin to jumpsuit. I believe this skin fits perfectly. They are also the most visible playermodels.

Jumpsuit isnt meant to be used in regular maps, let alone as ct side. They lack voice lines which means you wont hear grenade calls or planting/defusing the bomb. They are also very clearly meant to be captured Terrorists so them fighting for the CT side doesnt really fit.


11 hours ago, Ringel said:

2. New Skin Concept

Everything youve described here is something they thought about doing before they made weapon skins, it didnt work because players had no way of seeing their customized character outside of the menu. It also lead to even greater confusion then the current agent skins do because it was hard to tell if someone was a T or CT because of how muddled the character could be.

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18 hours ago, Ringel said:

1. Wearable Badges: On the shoulders and/or on the chest.
- Rank: shows the matchmaking rank
- Flag: shows a national flag
- Team Name: shows the own team name or the name from a pro team
- Team Logo: shows the own team logo or the logo from a pro team
- ???: Maybe you got more ideas.

The new CS update be like ?

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7 hours ago, blackdog said:

Is Project A actually to be thanked for this?

Probably not, seeing as Valve haven't made any significant updates since Project A started getting hyped, AFAIK? I'm more inclined to think the panic around Covid-19 is driving people on to their computers.

As for any competitors coming along to unseat CS:GO, I think they're going to have a hard fucking time if they don't ship with level editors and other similar community engagement features.

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11 hours ago, blackdog said:

Watched this last night but fell asleep before could spam it, analysis following the record peak

Is Project A actually to be thanked for this?

Ah yes, everyone's least favorite mustache is back to tells us more unfounded opinions disguised as fact. I like that he put up those 5 csgo is dead videos, when he himself was ringing the deathbell of csgo in multiple other videos he done. Best part is 3kliks and warowls videos were being rhetorical in their title, neither were actually suggesting csgo is dying.

And yet another person suggesting ProjectA is somehow going to have an affect on how the Devs treat CSGO. When was the last time someone else doing something ever made valve do something they werent already going to do. A game that is too CS for Overwatch players and too Overwatch for CS players will be limited to a niche market if they cant find a good balance, couple that with 0 ways for community content creators to create content and 5 heroes being locked behind a paywall in the exact same way battlefront 2 was criticized for and you have the next Brink/Dirty Bomb/Paladins.

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Yep, found all that amusing as well @fewseb. That being said, they just need to post videos to monetise, I don’t believe this guy believes in CSGO’s demise, apparently he’s a legitimate Faze fan…

We can only speculate on the other choices they’ve done, player skins and batte royale on the other hand do seem very reactive choices in strategy.

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13 hours ago, Tynnyri said:


What has Valve done that is NOT in reaction to some event outside of the games themselves lately. They've released 2 dead-on-launch mobile games in reaction to a game genre becoming popular. 

Barney didn't say any of his cringy one-liners in his spin off title, but now we have to get a modern character with very similiar personality and role screaming obnoxious one-liners and upgrading her excalibur's stats at the nearest shrine while being showered with unearned praise and witty humor after every action to prevent boredom.

Hey you guys work it out, you are the ones with opposite opinions :D

More seriously: they have a VR hardware business they pretty much paved the way for. (The big commercial turnaround for Oculus arrived after the Valve VR people moved over there.)
Of course they have Steam that keeps chugging along, they've done some that could be seen a response to Epic, but we know they are slow on everything and they were actually criticised for not responding to Epic, instead/in fact they have worked and shipped new features that make the Steam experience richer than the competition (play anywhere).

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