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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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If Valve has to go down the route of highlighting player models somehow, the two elegant/acceptable solutions I see would be to apply a bit of black outline, alike cel-shading in Borderlands, or slightly lighting up the player.

I must not be the only one, interestingly enough 3kliks has visualised both in his latest video last night… I just didn’t get round to post it here first yday 😬


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On 11/29/2019 at 4:48 AM, Freaky_Banana said:

I just crested 1000 hours in CSGO SDK.
- you'd think that's enough time to finish a map? Apparently not ^^


If that's a lot, I uh... I think I have a problem...


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5 hours ago, esspho said:

Warowl is making a map and gives a shoutout to mapcore.


Was about to post it myself, thought we found out Tynnyri was an aka… but if he gives a shoutout it can’t be 😁

jokes aside, very unorthodox approach in creating a layout, but must say I also never thought about the idea he had

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Funny how he said he actually creates mirage but a bad version of it. It happened to me as well as I tried to develop the best possible layout. Two times! xD

He also said it plays surprisingly good. All of my own maps played surprisingly good. At least for me. It only feels good because I am the creator, he will learn that too. Ok he playtestet it but still.

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My thought exactly, although it sounds he created the map really to have material for a video and just really with no aspiration, so I guess expectations in terms of gameplay must have very low.

I’m really surprised the 50-50, but I can’t remember the split for Mapcore maps I participated testing (was a long time ago), not sure how telling a test in very early alpha is… like I was reporting in another discussion, you look at pro results and the average shifts overtime.

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It is time for a change!


If Valve would add a button to the game which would allow us to disable the custom skins, who would not immediately press it?

Players don't like them because they are not optimised for visibility and it also means for us we are forced to make all of our maps overly bright and colour neutral trying to make the playermodels as outstanding as possible. If we don't do this some skins will give players a too great advantages over others and thus they would become pay to win. But even if we try as hard as we can it will not possible to make every skin equal visible. By tryin this we would also be lowered in our creativity and the ability to create more outstanding maps.

If we don't do something now the problem could get worse and worse, because valve will create more and more custom skins. Do you want that? No? So let us do something!


We can do something!

We can do two things:

1. With the attention the mapcore contest gets we are able to make a statemant and hopefully make a change.

2. We can provide Valve with a new concept.


1. Make a Statement

The top 11 submissions could change their CT skin to jumpsuit. [Edit: Only until the contest ends.] I believe this skin fits perfectly. They are also the most visible playermodels. But what we also need is a Vscript which does not allow custom player skins. @ZooL (or someone else?) could certainly make such a script.

This should be done before the next judging phase begins. So this is up to you @FMPONE


2. New Skin Concept

I guess it will not be enough to tell them they should make it possible to disable custom models for competitive mode. Because competitive players would lose their interrest in the custommodels and valve would lose money. They need a compensation for this.

My idea: Disable the current custom skins for competitive mode and make the normal ones customizable.


1. Wearable Badges: On the shoulders and/or on the chest.
- Rank: shows the matchmaking rank
- Flag: shows a national flag
- Team Name: shows the own team name or the name from a pro team
- Team Logo: shows the own team logo or the logo from a pro team
- ???: Maybe you got more ideas.

2. Minor customizable (faction exclusive) bodyparts which do not lower visibility like belts with special belt buckels for the phoenix faction, or new shoes / boots. Maybe you got more ideas.

3. Dyeable Bodyparts (for developers and mappers only)

This would be great for us to make the models better visible for every map.

I guess the ESEA, ESL and FACEIT would have no problem with those kind of customizations.

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