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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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On 10/31/2019 at 2:41 AM, blackdog said:

a bit surprised this non-checking common lurk corners still happens in pro matches. Anyway USP one-taps ?


I wonder if its the same thing that happens in match making. Depending on what rank you are certain spots are either always checked or not at all. An example of this would be cubby on Inferno. Way back in 2015 at least, in silver 1, no one knew that spot was there because most players were new so no one would check it, but ct players would see it and hide there and then get kills because of it. As you moved up in ranks more people would figure out and hide in that spot but around silver elite ish if you were going arches you checked cubby every round even if you knew no one could be there because it was instinctual. Cubby was unusable because everyone expected someone to be there. But by the time you reached Gold Nova 2 Cubby all the sudden became useful again because no one thought someone would hide there because it would get checked all the time, leading to people putting there guard down and not checking it.

It could be something similar with pro level teams, they dont expect people to hide in stupid spots because it would leave their opponent vulnerable and they arnt under estimating them. That corner in the 1v3 palace clip is a bad spot because you have no way out, so why should the opponent coming in from balcony check there when the defender could be anywhere among the pillars. They seem to expect the enemy to play smart and not take risks.

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21 hours ago, mtchromatic said:

What if this whole time 3kliks wasn't actually a person but a text-to-speech software developed by Valve

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