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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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1 hour ago, Interfearance said:

I don't think this will ever happen to me. Its already been a few thousand hours.

Does anyone know what happens if you sell that case? Or did they make it unmarketable?


Using x-ray on the case deletes the case, so it cant be sold or traded, basically you open it with the x-ray but you still got to pay to get it out of the x-ray

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3 hours ago, Radix said:


So Breach and Ruby have been removed and Mirage and Cache are now available for Scrimmage matchmaking.


Likely prep for Cache 2.0 then eventually +cache - mirage assuming all goes well, Ruby being taken out completely could be seen a mile away but breach goes to just casual? So fuckin seaside of all maps remains as the only community map in MM other then Agency. Also zoo is still in casual for some reason.

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Zoo is a perfect casual map. Breach definitely has a competitively viable layout and the visibility is really good. It can easily replace office to sit alongside agency.

Seaside is fun, but is graphically outdated even for a casual fun map. 

Ruby was great looking, but the performance was inconsistent and overall low which doesn't cut it for a source game. It does deserve a place in casual like zoo.

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What happened to the community maps (Ruby and Breach) was pretty much what I expected (looking at the queue times), but the fact that they were not replaced with other community maps but with Cache and Mirage is interesting.

Cache because there will be a reworked version in a few days, so it can be tested easily.

But Mirage? Will there be a reworked version soon as well? It's currently one of the maps of the comp pool that need a visual rework the most, so I'm pretty sure this is what is going to happen.

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People like Seaside. It's not a coincidence that it was previously featured in three operations. As to why it is so liked? Well, I guess that's something for us to analyze. Personally, I think the happy theme and fast paced layout play a key role. Sure, visually, it looks dated as hell, but the theme is there.. and it ticks all the boxes: it's exotic - almost like a vacation spot, it's sunny and it has water. While the layout isn't competitive, it stands out from the map pool for being faster paced. And I don't mean by much, like 2-3 seconds faster on all timings (don't ask how I know this). Layout structure is also simple, but there's enough room for some creative play. Compared to other maps, the connectors and some site areas are bit more elaborate - which also create some awkward angles that I don't think are considered competitively viable, but are actually fun? The map is a weird balance between fun and competitive I'd say. Also, it helps a bit that it was there at the inception of the game to establish itself.

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