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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Personally, I'm saving up for

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Enjoyed the first session. Main problem maybe a bit laggy, despite the amount of things to learn it pretty well implemented (haven’t played any other BR game). I wish there was more armour and ammo so to shoot a bit more. Haven’t got used to the fact that you can regenerate health :D

I got a chicken dinner with @jackophant, one solo, and one with @esspho and @Squad.

Got the recordings but I’m not sure how to edit to make it interesting, is not like watching a competitive clutch.

Anyway great fun, thanks for playing guys! :)

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My first thought when I saw the announcement was "Oh god, not another battle royale game", but having played it I think it's actually the best version of BR out there. Due to the smaller scale you get to the intense cat and mouse stuff a lot quicker than in most, and there are fewer instances of being sniped from a billion miles away by somebody you didn't even know existed.

I just hope it doesn't spell the end of traditional CS.

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12 minutes ago, Beck said:

So how big is the map or is it just played on traditional CS maps? 

Making CSGO free to play is probably a good move. It's been out for so long now anyone who was gonna buy it already has.

It's pretty big for a source map, 20608 x 20608 units


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2 hours ago, Ringel said:

What I really don't like about Danger Zone is the ability to cheat easily. 


You can easily cheat if you got a friend who is spectating with "watch game in progress" and provides you with all the infos you need.

You can fly around, go inside every player, see every player on the big map and you also see the names, weapons and health floating over every player on any distance. Nearby enemys also glow red, sometimes also players far away. Like here:




Otherwise the new mode is really well made.


thats ghosting, not cheating. Also easily fixable by adding a spectator delay like they have in comp.

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I was kinda thinking back at the game mode today and my complaint is that it doesn’t feel “CS” enough. For a new player coming into the game now, because it’s free and there’s battle royale, there’s very little they can learn and take to the classic game modes.

I wish there was more shooting, the fall damage seems too harsh, maybe we should spawn with the knife and have the tools be an upgrade, bringing back the classic feeling of “knife rounds” from pre-CSGO.

(There should also probably be a zip-line 😬 (maybe will be added as was mentioned in some leak for HL3/HLVR) and some other kind of environmental interaction to use.)

Where I see CSGO going now is: it either blows up, gaining users thanks to BR, but create essentially two communities due to the differences from the base game (see above), or numbers will dwindle quickly, and Valve will have to make some radical changes to bring the BR mode closer to the CS core.

See for reference this trailer for Dying Lyght: you can instantly recognise it as that game, and does seem to play on the core gameplay/strengths. Remove the UI and Danger Zone could be any mod or indie developed BR game/mode.


On another note, thanks to 3kliks video I realised you can throw the tools! (Great first win demo he has there as well)


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Even if numbers dwindled quickly they have a bunch of content ready to go, we’ve already heard of a map enclave and I think survival island. They’ll be good for 2019 I’m sure

I agree the mode needs some tweaks and suggested on twitter making a non-random loot map for a try at a competitive version. But tbh the fact that they’ve been developing all of this content (a ton of work) and the fact that it resulted in a nice player gain, you can rest assured they’ll keep improving it.

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On 12/6/2018 at 6:41 PM, text_fish said:

New plan: Massive CSGO Battle Royale map set in Venice, as part of a huge Mapcore collaboration. A shit load of us work on Venetian buildings for a month or so, and then slap them all together with a bunch of canals and bridges.



More like an NDA and a couple of bucks for each of us. Also the optimization would be bad. The terrain in the current map looks decently attractive but the devs could have like used the warehouse from assault, the dam from cs thunder, and so on. They are complete and individually optimized while being contained for the most part. Props for theme idea though

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4 hours ago, FMPONE said:

Even if numbers dwindled quickly they have a bunch of content ready to go, we’ve already heard of a map enclave and I think survival island.


While Enclave is probably something they have on the back burner waiting for an event release, survival_island was probably an early title for blacksite or just a test map for this mode. The throw able snowballs are interesting,


maybe valve can rapid fire release both a snow and desert map in the coming months to catch up with other BR games that takes half a year to make a map with anew theme, 


13 hours ago, Ringel said:

Ghosting is cheating. You get an unfair, unallowed advantage. You do not use a program but you use a human who kinda act like one. 

yeah ghosting is cheating in the same way screen peaking is cheating, except nobody who plays csgo uses the word cheating for anything that isnt program assistance.

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