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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Personally, I'm saving up for

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10 hours ago, Squad said:

Couldn't watch it live. It was broadcasted for the very first time here on Viceland though and I'm about to watch the recorded session now. Somehow managed to avoid all spoilers :D

Couldn’t watch live as well :/ and started with the recording this morning (last day off)… unfortunately I got a spoiler on the winners because of thumbnails on YT and Twitter, despite how much you try to scroll past notifications.

My biggest surprise is that I was expecting to be a best of 5 game, so was very surprised when map 1 didn’t go as I expected. More fun this way tho!

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Sorry for the off-topic but still relevant.

Very unexpected: co-creator of CS has been arrested for sexual exploitation of a child.



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1 hour ago, Squad said:

Nice one, but why didn't you pick up the AWP lying on the floor? :D

Ah! Well, mobility above all, along being 90% sure all people were tagged.

Also the pressure, you don’t want to be that guy that picks up AWP to  then misses :D

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@blackdog On mirage, all you had to do to win the round was stay alive in the end, but you starts searching the last player.It turned out good but it was a bad move.

Also a tip, if you have a grenade and you press left mouse and right mouse at the same time you can do a medium throw.
This often gives players less time to respond cause it shows up in their view later. You could have used this when you threw it towards CT. For the rest a nice video :)

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Hello everyone, I have problem with CS:GO and it looks buggy and How do I fix if I am using windowed mode than screen of CS:GO mess up it looks like Cry of Fear 3D and 2D screen?

Look my video

But It don't know what does it happen with CS:GO since I let to compile with map and I want try emission textures like Unity 3D or Unreal Engine - Why do I want because I saw many mappers create much excellent maps - I want know how do I create like maps should takes longer - if I try - It is possible for single player - I want test.


Resolve -hjack is bad parameter I have removed passing parameter

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