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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Hmm, it would be the 8th operation. Is 8 the new 3 for Valve? 

Personally, I'm saving up for

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Really pleased with the look so far, but obviously disappointed at the lack of changes to the layout. I still hope Valve invests more into the mappool of their game in general though. We need a dedicated "Best of Operation" maprotation, at least an attempt to bring every map (even the unpopular, reserve rotation ones) up to par and a genuine effort to revitalize custom servers and custom maps as a method of longterm engagement with the game.

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6 hours ago, RaVaGe said:

Lol, I can't even imagine the shitstorm if they even moved a single crate.

Well the first walkthrough I found today by some guys was a continuous “oh wtf” “oh what the shit this is shit” cos couple corners are changed? 😒

Nading A-long will take adjustment, the building is much taller now.

Spotted couple more differences in crates, A-connector crate is wider and lower, lower the one on A-ramp looks like, and taller? the one in mid (or at least removed the pro-jump).

Personally I like much more B side of the map, visually speaking.

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43 minutes ago, blackdog said:

Well the first walkthrough I found today by some guys was a continuous “oh wtf” “oh what the shit this is shit” cos couple corners are changed? 😒

Well, it was obvious that this would happen. But it's still just stupid. Unfortunately these guys are usually pretty loud so it's hard to ignore them. But Valve will just have to.

The gameplay of the map is as close to the previous version as it can be. There are just a few small changes, that are probably intended and absolutely make sense to me.


The visuals are really amazing, imo it's (by far) the best looking CS:GO map atm.

But on the other hand it might be frustrating for ambitious community creators, because Valve have raised the bar so high that only a few will come even close to this level when creating custom maps.

I feel so empty and unmotivated right now. lol

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I had a run around - Still D2 - some big enhanced graphics and new stuff and seems like inferno So much detaiL ! . So many antennas. but the readability everywhere is not as big improvement at first glance as I thought it might have been. This may be different when playing comp .  When you are T and you go through CT Doors you cant read shadows of anyone playing B ramp which is a game changer.  Where is the pizza and Where is Sub Zero ??   :P

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