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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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What makes you think they'll remove maps in the first place?

Yes maintaining maps that are not in official rotation is a pain, but seems like a lot of people general thought is that CSGO should have a "seasonal" rotation of competitive maps. The system seems to work how they did with "remastering" maps until now.

I would more object that you should add a new map from time to time.

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Hmm, it would be the 8th operation. Is 8 the new 3 for Valve? 

Personally, I'm saving up for

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7 hours ago, 'RZL said:

I think the biggest issue some have is that the qualifiers are only three(?) days in advance. Which is a very short time in comparison to the past majors.

Indeed. Most Asian teams don't get the chance to play in an open qualifier and there are VISA issues all over the place. The fact that both the qualifier and the major itself are all so crammed together within one month in the same city also means that travel costs will be a big factor for teams with less cash.  Not to mention that some minors are arbitrarily set to a date that is booked by other important tournaments as well so teams who rightfully earned their place in these other tournaments have to forfeit their spot just to have a shot at the major.


And at the same time, DotA gets a schedule that is planned for years ahead which results in a much better competitive landscape as other tournament organizers can actually plan around the big tournaments.

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1 hour ago, blackdog said:

I still don’t understand if the major are organised directly by Valve or if they just put money in it. Who’s deciding the dates?

Valve doesn’t seem to have the structure to organise these, so if they are asking a company to organise must be a big entity that organised other tournaments?

Afaik companies who already organize big tournaments propose their plans in case they get "declared" a major and then Valve chooses between the offers... which would be a completely dumb system, really. Way too arbitrary.


Also, Dust 2 Rework got teased.

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