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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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Finally! Congrats to all who made operation maps.

Yes, it takes 2 minutes to understand this operation, even for operation vets like us :). These kids might take some days... ^^
To be honest I was surprised that "de_lite" was chosen when I first read it some time ago. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice map, I simply like others more.

I'm confused about these 2 decisions:

  1. They add the game mode scout+knives, but you play it on the map "shoots" and not on the classic "fy_scoutknivez" layout.
    At least I played it 3 times and it was always on this map.
    This makes no sense to me because "shoots" doesn't fit into this game mode at all.                                                                              
  2. Despite not caring about the map fitting the game mode scout+knives they write in the changelog: 
    "-Tweaked layouts of the following maps to better fit War Games and Wingman: Safehouse, StMarc, Lake, and Bank."
    These maps are all still played in their old game modes they were made for.
    Would have been better to add something new after all these years instead of trying to fit these old maps to 4 game modes.
    I played "safehouse". You can no longer jump over the wall on one side as a CT. I think this change could hurt the traditional game modes Demolition and Arms Race.


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Yeah, finally! ("Next Operation" felt like some kind of running gag already ...)

Congrats to the others!

A bit sad that concert and waterfall didn't make it, but I'm still happy with the operation maps overall. Especially for me it's a nice reward, because I failed at pretty much everything in the last couple of years. :)

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