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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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Sound update is cool, but I'm more interested in the Chinese bill that forces games to show drop rates. Will Valve comply as they did with Dota 2? Does the 0.128% chance for knife/glove theory hold up? Exciting times.

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I'm not too interested about the Chinese bill. I mean, people have done some pretty deep testing in to this and we pretty much know the drop rates already. Although, it might force them to make the drop rates "fairer" since the minuscule chances we have to get a knife/glove drop will look bad on paper and might see a drop in key sales?

That or they'll just separate the Chinese market and give them their own drop rates and keep the Western drop rates as is.

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That's exactly why it's interesting :) Because of the consequences.

The chance at exceedingly rare items is highly likely to be 0.128% or slightly higher, below 0.2%. A very, very, very small percentage of CS players have seen the math that points to this. Most people have no idea, many of which would be turned off by bullshit (personal opinion) rates.

1 minute ago, Squad said:

Any more info about that?

Here's some data on 10k openings from one and the same person: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-dESMRnu_o-LwSNCE1ymrE7bxrsGeBP18jiHv8a0N7M/

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7 hours ago, Pampers said:

finally some silhouette to the player models! the old ones had basically just cylinders for arms and legs

Yeah, I really like the general art direction in CS:GO recently. Slightly stylized, but still with a decent degree of realism, not too cartoony. Nice balance of aesthetics and competitive-friendly design.

Can't wait for other models to be updated. Dust 2 CT guys need it the most in my opinion.

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