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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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I can't see any detail sprite at coop_cementplant made by Valve. These are invisible... Look at my screen: 


Now, look, how it must be:


My graphics settings in menu are the highest. I tried delete cfg folder from csgo directory - still the same issue. Why? Because I have a Radeon graphics card? I want to try this: http://gamebanana.com/models/3800 , and I must can see grass sprites for a full satisfaction... Is there any command or something... for detail sprites?

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Does anyone know the current location your autoexec needs to be in? I've been trying to update mine for ages but no beuno . Would be nice to stop the game dropping a UMP every time I press num_7 :lol:

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' Have you tried the new location of the config files? The new location is under your Steam path/userdata/<Account ID>/730/local/cfg. BTW There muss be a plus befor the cvar in the command line. The launch option for "exec <config>" is "+exec <config>" '


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