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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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– Detail sprites (like grass) have been improved so many more can be rendered for much cheaper.

Really? That's it?

Better shadows with LightmappedGeneric (still not dynamicly from sun, but grass is black in trees dynamic shadows), but not working (random artifacts) - we still must using UnlitGeneric shader. Nice improvement. Or... something else was added in patch.

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As much as I love the coop, MM has taken a turn for the worse though. The last 6 games I played featured at least one account with suspicious movement or aim and most of those were pretty new, yet already had all achievements and played at DMG with a level 3 account and 15 hours into the game...  It's really not fun to know you lost 90% of your games in the past few days because "Mr VAC" (that was seriously his name)  follows your every move through 3 walls for over 30 seconds before killing you with "accidental prefire" :/


PS: Tried another game, this time it was me, a friend, one leaver and 2 griefers. The griefer "AIMBOT" started to toggle in the last 10 rounds (3-4k 100% HS ratio every round) but then proceeded to let himself get killed... I will stay away from MM for the next few days....

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Name please? :)


The skybox on the coop map actually switches itself automatically between 3 skyboxes and environment settings (skybox_swapper entity + fog_controller and stuff), probably based on some spawn flags from the lobby.

It uses:

sky_csgo_night02 (Early in the morning)

sky_csgo_night02b (Not sure, apparently clear)

sky_csgo_cloudy01 (Stormy)


** Do note, these sky boxes are edited versions of preexisting ones already in the game. sky_csgo_night02 is a dimmed version of the baggage sky, for example.

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Found something interesting

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You mean like aim_ak47, aim_pistol , aim_subway, ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo, fy_dustshack ? :D

No,  'top current 5 favourite de_ or cs_'

Yeah, there's a lot of quality that's just being overlooked on the workshop


Thanks friend! I hope you realise that map is a pisstake by the way

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 I'm not sure if proper filtering by gamemode is currently possible. You'll know yourself that the mapper assigns this when uploading @Jack_is_my_name

Would need more work (potentially lot more if workshop has to scan the BSP for certain entities.)

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