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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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On 25/07/2017 at 2:06 PM, Squad said:

I think you'd be suprised about the amount and kind of information they could derive from this. Depending on how both teams are facing each other, they can determine if a FB was effective (as in, seeing a white reflection on one's face) or not and act upon that :D

I still don't think that's something they rely on, in the games I've watched I haven't seen people looking up until the round was over, and anyway the only I've seen looking at the other team was that chav of Kng from Immortals, trash talking the adversaries. Potentially yes what you say could work, maybe a dead player can do that, but an active player, in such a time-sensitive game… can't align a flash, look up and then rush a site.


Anyway, lol


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I used to be a redactor on a french csgo website (vakarm.net) and we were in contact with pro players.

At ESWC (an event that was quite important before the majors) players told us they could hear some infos, and it was game-changing. After that, events tried to force players to use the same kind of headset that was supposed to be soundproof but it was inconvenient for players not to use their stuff.

At pro level, they get a lot of automatic reactions, you don't even know you looked at the radar but you do it all the time. They can focus on many things at once and that basically is mandatory for Counter-Strike. They don't get their full attention on what commentators are saying but you can easily catch important infos.


Thanks for the Bot Connor's video, unbelievable stuff ^^

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This came up on my YT.

Cloud 9 suffers major player loss.

Shroud leaves to do streaming full time, while he explains his motivations I found out that n0thing as well has left.

I was hoping Thorin had a piece about this but no. But find out about this other movement


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